About Us

IMTM was founded to be a 21st century manufacturer of coated paper, film, fabric, and special substrates for digital imaging technologies.  We are a group of three manufacturing companies located in China.  Our headquarters is located in Beijing, China and our oversea marketing/sales office is in Los Angeles, USA. 

We believe that our success comes from highly motivated and skilled people who share our values and work together tirelessly to meet our customers’expectations.  We have talented and experienced staff members in our R&D laboratories, process development teams, and manufacturing facilities. 

We have developed the best coating formulations and processes for our digital imaging media products.  Our multiple coating heads of tenter frame machines have enabled us to coat fabric and canvas products.  Our unique technologies in extremely high precision coating control, the capability to coat multiple layers with one coating head or with multiple coating heads in one production pass, and an ability to control the entire manufacturing processes have permitted us to deliver the best quality products with an excellent consistency at unbeatable price and performance.  These are the reasons that we have been producing the best products for various worldwide recognized brands. 

We comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations.  We are integrating environmental considerations into our corporate activities, proactively reducing waste generation and energy consumption, and continually improving the environmental management system.

Our vision is global.  Our operation is worldwide.  Our partners are both local and international.  We have a logistic network to deliver our products to every single corner on earth.  We ensure that our collaboration is productive, mutually beneficial, and satisfactory for lasting relationships.