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Canvas Satin Polyester 6x6


* 100% Polyester Composition; 1:1 Weave Construction 

* 320 gsm, 17.72 mil, Satin Finish, Bright White without OBA

* Scratching Resistance and Water Resistance

* Advanced Satin Coating for Latex, Solvent, and UV Ink Systems 

* Excellent Dmax and Wide Color Gamut 

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Canvas Satin Polyester is a new generation print canvas with a smooth/fine surface, bright white without OBA, Satin finish, which is perfectly suited for Fine Art Reproductions, Giclees, Photography and more.  It is engineered with an advanced coating technology designed for Latex, Solvent, and UV inks.

This new generation print canvas provides excellent imaging quality with an outstanding Dmax and wide color gamut. 


320 g/m2


450 microns / 17.72 mil








Available in rolls from 30" to 80" wide


Available in rolls of varying lengths up to 3,000 meter long

Core Size

3" or 6"

Printing Technology

Latex, Solvent, and UV Inks

Technical Data Sheet

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User's Manual    

Spec Sheet    

Canvas Satin Polyester 6x6 CS6060S

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