For Latex, Solvent, UV Inks

Canvas Satin Polycotton


* 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton Composition; 2:1 Weave Construction
* 330 gsm, 17 mil, Satin Finish, White
* Medium Texture
* Compatible with Eco-solvent, Latex, and UV-curable inks
* Excellent Dmax and Wide Color Gamut
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Canvas Satin Polycotton is a new generation print canvas with a smooth/fine surface, bright white, satin finish, which is
perfectly suited for Fine Art Reproductions, Giclees, Photography and more.
This new generation print canvas is fully compatible with Eco-solvent, Latex, and UV-curable ink sets, and provides brilliant
imaging quality with an outstanding Dmax and wide color gamut, that reproduces accurate imaging with richer color and
tremendous details
Weight  330 g/m2
Thickness 420 microns/17 mil
Opacity >97%
Whiteness >95%
Finish Satin
Available in rolls up to 86" wide
Available in rolls of varying lengths up to 2,500 meter long
Core Size  3 in 
Printing Technology
Eco-solvent, Latex and UV
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Canvas Satin Polycotton CS6535S

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