2022/3/2 9:25:05

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Quality Manager - Location: Anhui



   1. Responsible for the company's product quality management;


   2. Participate in the maintenance and supervision of the operation of the quality system, be responsible for organizing internal audits and management reviews, and organizing and coordinating external audits;


   3. Investigate, analyze and put forward treatment opinions on various product quality issues;


   4. Have the right to stop R&D and production activities that do not comform the process regulations and requirements;


   5. Keep records of unqualified products, collect and maintain the quality information and files of the department, and urge all positions to make all kinds of product records;


Job Requirements:

   1. Technical secondary school, technical school and above;


   2. Stable personality, strong sense of responsibility, adherence to principles, good communication and coordination skills, organizational management capabilities.