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R&D Engineer--Location: Anhui



  1. Responsible for the research and development of new products, and implement the whole process of development according to the design and development process;


  2. Responsible for technical improvement and technical support for R&D products;


  3. Responsible for the preparation of project technical materials, quality control documents, work reports, and writing various types of reporting materials;


  4. Responsible for solving technical problems in the production process, participating in technical research, jointly solving problems in production, and improving product quality and production efficiency;


  5. Responsible for the laboratory approval and the implementation and operation of various management systems;


  6. Responsible for the maintenance of laboratory and experimental equipment;


  7. Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership;


  Job Requirements:

  1. Academic qualifications and professional requirements: Bachelor degree or above, major in chemistry or chemical engineering;


  2, Experience&skills requirements: more than three years of imaging material coating work experience, a broad knowledge, profound professional theoretical basis; good Chinese and English writing, reading and expression skills; have basic network knowledge; skilled use of office software;


  3. Competency requirements: good at coordination, communication, responsibility, and professionalism; affinity, judgment, decision-making, planning, and negotiation skills; competent and practical; good professionalism and professional ethics, strong Charisma and cohesion.