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Product Development Engineer--Location: Chuzhou




- Compliance with laws and regulations, honesty and trustworthiness, good personal morality and accomplishment, good planning and organization skills, communication and execution skills;


- Work conscientiously and responsibly, careful, proactive,and strong learning ability;


- Have organizational management experience in related fields such as product management;


- Proficiency in office software, such as OUTLOOK, WORD, EXCELL, PHOTOSHOP etc.;


- Accept the business trip arrangement and the related expenses will be borne by the  company.



Job responsibilities:


- Participate in project development and tracking the daily work of the project;


- Responsible for communicating with upstream and downstream customers, tracking the whole process of product production, delivery, and on-site control;


- According to the production plan and demand, make timely order production arrangements, inspections and other matters;


- Coordinate production changes due to demand changes and production exceptions, report major exceptions and participate in the coordination and tracking of major exceptions;


- Familiar with the company's products and master the commonalities and characteristics between different products, and actually participate in the whole process of production;


- Complete other tasks assigned by superiors temporary.